facial cosmetics

Facial cosmetics

The skin is the largest organ of our body and it requires proper care if you want to have a smooth, soft and clean face, however with all the toxins that we are exposed to every day and the bad habits that we have our skin gets hurt due to free radicals and wrinkles. A cosmetic is any substance which, when applied, results in a temporary, superficial change (Anctzak, 2001). We use a myriad of cosmetics on our skin, from moisturizers to lipstick. Make-up alters our visual appearance by enhancing our facial features through the artistic application of colour. It can beautify the face and be used to express our sense of self to others. Make-up can hide blemishes, scars, under-eye circles or even out our skin tone. It can boost self-esteem, make us feel more attractive and increase our social acceptability in some social situations. Using make-up can contribute to a well-groomed image, which positively influences our confidence, self-esteem, health and morale.

Tip number 1: Take good care of your skin. It is a fallacy that makeup can make skin beautiful. Yes, you can cover up your spots, uneven skin tone, or blemishes using a good concealer but the perfect look only lasts as good as the concealer stays untouched by sweat, dust, and oil. Once the concealer melts off, the reality will surely bite.

But let me tell you this: there are quite a few dirty secrets that these companies do not want you to find out about! They try and cultivate their ridiculous myths about their “wonderful” anti aging facial creams that brainwash us for decades. It is time to stop this right now.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-5FRO7Aihg

Having the ability to simply grow your own collagen at a much higher rate eliminates the need for taking collagen injections, thereby removing the introduction of a synthetic drug into your system. The increase in structural tissue that is naturally produced will be enough to make a real difference in skin tone and condition. Some products also contain an ingredient that will raise the amount of hyaluronic acid present in the skin, improving the texture of the skin.

The buying public is much smarter than advertisers would have you believe. They understand that prevention is far better than a reactive approach to enhancing and maintaining their good looks. This is why more consumers are adopting functional beauty regimes to reverse the signs of aging. Nearly half of skincare sales are in facial, hand and body care, and it is a market worth billions of pounds every year. In recent years, reports have shown that there has been a shift towards cosmetic products with health benefits, rather than just aesthetic value. The rise of functional ingredients backed by scientific research has been a contributing factor in creating this ground shift. Ingredients including vitamins, minerals and essential oils have all been increasingly incorporated into cosmetic products with the aim of imparting sought-after functionality. The theory is that functional cosmetics aren't just good for fighting off the signs of aging – they're good for your whole body.

This is a popular brand in England. And best of all, Donna Maisey is a virtual skin care center for both men and women. This means that you can access their site, information and products online via their virtual skincare center. This brand has its very own Dermalogica system, a skincare system that is professional, technologically advanced and easy and effective to use. Moreover, they are a great and fun product to use. In fact, if you place an order online, you always get free samples, which is a great and economical way to keep trying their full range of products.

The Cosmetics Safety Database is a website where you are able to search either products, ingredients in products or manufacturers of products to find out more information about possible health risks from using various personal products such as skin care products like moisturizers, day creams and night creams, many different cosmetics and other personal products such as deodorants shampoos and soaps and much more.

You should lean toward hypo-allergenic cosmetics products for your facial care needs. You should take care to look for a good moisturizer that does not contain mineral oil or petrolatum. They are from the petroleum based family, and will leave your skin feeling greasy and will clog your pores.

Our society is preoccupied with the “culture of beauty” (Lappe, 1996) which includes the notion that our skin must always look young and appear free from blemish. Our psychological well-being is often closely enmeshed with perceptions of how our skin appears to ourselves and others. We define our self-image to include the visible representation of our skin to others, so as a result, it has become the “primary canvas on which our cultural and personal identity is drawn” (Lappe, 1996). Cosmetic companies set aside concepts of natural beauty so that flaws such as large pores, fine lines and wrinkles are brought to the fore, influencing our spending habits in pursuit of flawless skin.

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