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Fashion Forward Handbags For Moms On The Go

Burberry fashion handbags collection can be one of your most valuable possessions. Hand-held Handbags – most of these bags have shorter straps and are meant to be carried in your hands, not over your shoulders. When buying there fashion handbags for work, make sure they have secure closures. Try to avoid fake leather, instead invest in the real one and it will last you a long time.

Black Patent Trim Handbags – Essentially, these are small satchels and bowlers, with short handles, that are highlighted with sleek patent leather accents. You’ll see patent leather on the handles, the top of the bag, sometimes on the bottom, and in the middle around the straps. They look very chic. Even if you are a big bag person, you may find these too cute to pass up.

Embellished and crystal-encrusted clutches are another rising trend in purses for women this season. Bold, big and bright stones have been seen on smaller clutches and handbags. Metallic stones and crystals are also very big on the runway. Back-packs are also making a come-back this season – coming in big and small sizes and various other designs.

Due to their price and popularity, designer handbags are the item of choice for counterfeiters the world over. According to the International Chamber of Commerce, anywhere from five to ten percent of all designer goods are fakes. As you might expect, the bigger the name, the more of a chance there is the item is an imitation.

Most of the top designers have their own websites where you can go to get a look at their entire product lines. Of course, you won’t know which handbag you want until you are wearing it. But pictures and descriptions should help you narrow your search a bit. It will also let you know if the product is within your price range.

From purses, clutches to tote bags, you can easily switch your office outfit to gym apparel, or even to a night out party bling. However when you shop for these accessories, keep in mind not only the things you need to carry in your handbag, but also the look you are going for. Fashion handbags provide any outfit that extra jazz it needs to be noticed and envied. Choose the latest trend of handbags to accentuate you formal office outfit, search a hip new color to add to that classic black cocktail dress, or consider some exciting texture to coordinate with an already gorgeous ensemble.

Cracked Gunmetal Handbag – The future of fashion handbags is here in the coolly modern cracked gunmetal bag with its chic and grownup sense of style. You can now add a little silver flash to your collection without any fear of looking tacky. These grown up metallic handbags are very alluring. The shapes are familiar – some retro 70s and 80s styles can be found. Very new millennium.

Another common structure to the spring 2016 ladies designer handbags is the clutch, wherein there are no straps to hold onto or pull over the shoulder. Everything from the cupcakes to the face designed pieces come in clutch looks. While most luxury handbags for women have zippers or the like, one of the spring 2016 handbag trends we see on the runway shows is the fold-over effect, like an envelope clutch.

Another bag that has been seen season after season is the bucket bag. This bag has been on the runway for a long time now and will continue to be a favorite. Also, you should choose a bag that will compliment you size. A petite woman should avoid oversized handbags and plus size women should avoid very tiny bags. Here are some of the fashion handbags you should consider buying.

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