World’s Best Women’s Fragrances

Becoming a mother is a very stressful and overwhelming time. The next highest concentration of fragrance is eau de parfum (EDP). The concentration of fragrance is between 15% and 20%. The fragrance will last usually 4 to 5 hours with EDP. It has a higher concentration of alcohol which makes less expensive than parfum. This also is better for sensitive skin than other fragrance types. EDP is suitable for everyday wear and is one of the most common fragrance types.

Then there are the candles that smell like fruit or herbs. Some of the more popular ones are the orange, pear, pineapple, peach, blueberry, bayberry, grape, mango, banana, coconut and lavender scented candles. If the fruit exists, there is a candle made to smell like it. I am not real big on the fruity ones, but some people really like them.

By using fragrances in your home you are also setting the stage for not only connecting to past memories but creating new ones for you and your children. If children grown up in a home fragrance with cinnamon then that scent will probably become a “comfort trigger.” Then, when they are older the smell of cinnamon will remind them of home and family, and hopefully make them feel more comfortable.

Third, we all need escape. Whether we're tired Mom's, teenagers, Grandmother's, working Mothers, or stressed Husbands, we all need a place of escape and that escape is often found in a bath, shower, or massage with the use of fragrances. Therapeutic or not, fragrances can take us to a place of calm and serenity. They can rejuvenate our minds and energize our senses. When we surround ourselves with a fragrance we like, we are in essence, placing ourselves in a protective bubble that minimizes the stress of everyday. We are instantly comfortable.

As you choose and use scents, just be sure to keep the scent natural and subtle. Artificial smells are best avoided, so don't run around beforehand spraying Febreeze. You want guests to get the impression that your house always smells clean and lovely, so try to use natural techniques. You could cut up citrus fruit for drinks, display boughs of herbs, or boil cinnamon on the stove. Try simmering lemon, rosemary, and vanilla on the stove or, if it's December, boil cinnamon and display boughs of fragrant pine for decoration as well as scent.

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