Hair Care

Hair Care

Most recent survey of nearly 30,000 people revealed that the pressure to look good is rising in America and men and women are particularly concerned about the look of their hair. Sebum is your body's natural humectant and many of you who think that you are doing your body a favour by eating fat-free foods, are actually doing your body a disservice. Your body needs essential fatty acids (EFA's) to function properly from skin and scalp moisturization to proper bowel movements, your body needs natural fats which you can get from olive oil, meat, nuts, and dairy products etc.

Used of hair dye, bleach and highlight causes dryness in hair. Apart from using chemicals there are certain other reliable reasons that bring dryness to hair. Excessive exposure to sun rays and electric appliances such as curlers and blow dryers also causes dryness in hair. Though it is difficult to completely avoid sun rays and electric appliances and hair dye but providing hair treatment is not so difficult that will keep your healthy and supple.

If you already have damaged hair, perhaps it's time for intensive treatment to turn the tide for your bruised hair cuticles. Whether you whip up your own recipe, go to your favourite salon or buy an off-the-shelf product, you may need to perform intensive conditioning at least once a week.

Use a wide-tooth comb in arranging your hair and go easy on those styling gels. Use the one having the least amount of chemicals to minimize damage. And unless absolutely necessary, forego using gels and other add-ons during weekends. Opting to go casual and natural allows your scalp to breathe and help keep it healthy.

So how does it fit into skin and hair care products like face lift serum? The protein gathered from wheat for use in skin and hair care products is hydrolyzed wheat protein. This is a protein from wheat that has been turned partially into water through hydrolysis. Proteins carry nitrogen to living cells, are wonderfully compatible with the skin, and help to sooth and moisturize.

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