A Brief History Of Knitting

Knitting is the art of knotting, that is making loops and knots in a length of yarn or thread into a piece of fabric using needles. Number four, Pashmina is not only a type of scarf, when buying cashmere there are many different qualities to choose from so you must be sure to check the label for the type of yarn, the finest being Pashmina. Yes, yes I know to most of us that is a type of scarf but when buying cashmere knitwear if the label says Pashmina you know you've got yourself a keeper.

The close-necked, ruffle look is also being imitated in this year's knitted dresses, which are certain to keep you warm, snug and looking trendy all day. Look for knitted dresses in soft yet mature colours, like lavender or chalk, as well as good old black and chocolate.

Initially starting off with its famous polo shirts, the Lacoste brand now produces a full range of Mens designer clothing. It includes shirts, jeans, suitings, knitwear, and accessories. Accessories offered by Lacoste brand are: watches, shoes, hats and caps, sunglasses, bags, belts, and many more products. All of these come with the unique designs and superior quality offered by Lacoste clothing.

When choosing which scarf to wear, you should carefully consider the overall look of your outfit. The scarf should balance with and compliment your outfit and not just be thrown on as an after thought. One of the key benefits of wearing a long silk, cotton or knitwear scarf is that the long pieces that hangs in front of the body has both a lengthening and slimming effect.

For those who are thinking about investing in some more robust ladies knitwear, the woolen roll-neck is ideal, keeping that most vulnerable area of the body – the neck – snug and warm, no matter how cold it is on the outside. As well as being great for keeping the various elements out, the styling looks great. There are various little stylish features this season that make the roll-neck have a truly contemporary feel – stripes on the shoulders have appeared quite a bit and certainly lend a sporty feel.

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