Leather Repair

It is difficult to beat genuine Italian leather, and the Leather Italia range is exquisitely beautiful to look at, and soft and warm to snuggle into. Sheep hide is softer and way more comfortable than cow leather. Apart from that it gets softer, smoother and silkier with the passage of time. Cow leather can be tough and stiff if it is worn too often or if not used properly mainly because of its stringent and rough nature which could be a good choice for its users. Because of this toughness and rigid nature, people often prefer Cow leather because of its longevity.

You want to keep your aniline leather sofa out of the sun and away from direct heat in order to protect the leather from drying out or fading. You do not want to use anything on your full grain sofa that contains oil, wax, or silicone as this will damage it.

Cow hide is without doubt way more durable as compared to its sheep counterpart because of its rough and tough nature and they are preferred by motor sport athletes such as Moto GP and F1 professional drivers. Sheep hide is subject to wear and tear and is more vulnerable as compared to other leathers. That is why people prefer cow hide. It mostly depends on the thickness of the jacket. A quality leather jacket made from Cow or Sheep Leather may well use the same level of thickness.

When shopping for a new or used leather office chair, you will encounter vinyl, imitation leather, LeatherPlus, Caressoft, Faux Leather and other terms in your quest to find your chair. It is important to consider and take all these different options into account when searching for a leather chair, because some of these could be good alternatives to leather and save you money in the process.

400 series: With 40 inch deep frames and 21.5 inch seating, the 400 series is the 'motion' option of the Stickley leather sectionals with power recliners with infinite position switches available on any of the components (except ottomans!). The backs have zero clearance, so they fit tight to the walls if needed. There are static options available for each piece. It is also possible to have any part of a sofa fitted with motion options if you want only one or two of the seats to recline.

Appearance – Is the finish of the skin shiny or matte? While genuine alligator leather can be finished with a shine, almost all fake alligator leather will have an unnatural shine to it. Does the skin itself look natural? No high end material uses cheap cardboard or plastic backings, and likewise cheap facets. Closely examine the scales, if you recognize obvious patterns it's likely not real. All natural hides will have a wild, natural pattern to them and often have slight imperfections. These natural imperfections are what make a genuine skin so lively! It's the reason that pound for pound, a synthetic material can never match the appeal of genuine alligator.

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