Nail Care

Top Tips For Nail Beauty

Do not subject your hands and nails to extremely hot water, harsh chemicals, and strong household cleaners. Therefore, try to only wear artificial nails on special occasions instead of everyday. If you cannot live without faux nails, take a break once every 2 – 3 months. This needed break will give your real nails time to return to their original strength and pliability.

2. Problem of ingrown toenails – this issue arises from improper trimming of toenails, which may penetrate folds of the nails and lead to red, swollen and painful toes. To treat an existing condition and prevent the same occurring in the future, beauty experts recommend not cutting toenails too short or down the sides ever. Professional beauticians explain it is better to follow the natural alignment of the toe's shape for best trimming practices.

Therefore it is important that one always takes a keen interest in keeping their nails prim and proper at all times. It is not essential that you have to visit the salon each time you need to clean up your nails. A nail care system and a few basic steps can go a long way in ensuring you always have beautiful nails. You will find various kinds of nail care products in the market that are meant to provide that healthy sheen to your nails at all times.

Nails cannot be damaged through physical means alone. They can also be damaged when exposed to harsh chemicals or drying agents. It is best to avoid contact with these substances by using gloves. If it is really unavoidable, make sure to moisturize your nails afterward so that your nails are hydrated and will not break easily.

Using easy-to-follow manicure tips for beginners allows you to become comfortable with the nail painting process and all the options you have, from colors of nail polish to nail adornments and more. If you would like to paint your nails but worry that they'll end up looking messy, don't worry. You can always fix the imperfections in your manicures.

Keep the toenails trimmed weekly using with toenail clippers or a pair of toenail scissors. Do not use a carving knife to trim your toenails, unless you have the skills and control, otherwise there will be blood! Take care to cut only the nail and trim the tips flat and use an emery board to file the sides to a comfortable length. Do not trim too deep – leave about one eight of an inch (or 3 mm) of nail. Check the toenails for any fungus because this may cause nails to become discolored, misshapen and ultimately painful. The cause is either from wearing poor fitting shoes or untreated athlete's foot. Treat the fungus with a prescriptive treatment from your doctor. There are natural remedies available, and some work, but the best treatment is to avoid the fungus by making sure that all your shoes are of a correct fit.

Just for your information about the evolution of this brand, it is worthwhile to note that Jeff Pink came up with the initial French manicure, which is right now a favourite fingernail appearance for many women worldwide. Jeff Pink wished to develop a versatile appearance in order to complement the wardrobe of some of the most fashion-savvy celebrities of Hollywood and that is how the French manicure was born. It became an immediate craze and was the rage in most fashion shows in Paris and other high profile fashion events. The elegance and chic look of this product has made it one of the top selling nail products.

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