Fashion Was the Topic at the Mother and Child Premiere

Hollywood’s Mother And Child premiere took place on April 19 and it drew stars like moths to a flame. As usual, fashion ruled, as attendees were dressed to the nines in sharp tuxedos and beautiful gowns. More and more, fashion seems to overtake the purpose of these events, but no one seems to be complaining.

Mother And Child star Kerry Washington was a vision to behold in a J. Mendel print dress. Heels from Sergio Rossi and a clutch bag in gold highlighted the frock. The star’s accessories went far from unnoticed due to the large pink Amrapali ring on her hand.

Amanda Seyfried arrived at the premiere wearing a dress from the Bodyamr Fall 2010 line. The purple and grey silk number made quite a statement. Perhaps this was because Seyfried appears to have worn the dress backward. The Bodyamr fashion show illustrated that the zipper should be displayed on the back, not front, of the dress. Seyfried did not star in the movie so perhaps dressing to attend the premiere was an afterthought.

At the movie’s April 26 New York premiere, the fashion was just as eye opening. Actress Noami Watts, who stars in the film, sported a classic look. Her Stella McCartney cropped pants in black were paired with a black top containing lace accents. Heels and a clutch bag, both in black, complimented the outfit. Watts looked sleek, yet simple, and beautiful as always.

Kerry Washington jazzed it up from her Hollywood appearance, wearing a mini-dress. This black and lilac little number came from the Fall 2010 Zac Posen collection. The dress underwent some tweaks from the Posen runway show, now appearing in a sleeveless version. Black peep-toe heels and a clutch of the same color finished off the look.

Not to be outdone, the older stars of Mother And Child were just as fashionable as the youngsters. A the film’s Los Angeles premiere, Annette Bening highlighted her legs with a classic and stylish black pantsuit and sported husband Warren Beatty as her arm candy. Samuel L. Jackson looked very distinguished as usual and he brought his wife, the attractive Latanya Richardson.

The film Mother And Child shadows the lives of three very dynamic women. The first is a health care worker still struggling with the decision to give her daughter up for adoption after becoming pregnant at 14 years old. The daughter has grown up and has become a successful lawyer, but the decision made by her birth mother has affected her life as well. The third woman portrayed in this film has made the life-changing decision to adopt after discovering that she and her husband are not able to conceive a child.

This touching film about family inspired a huge turnout at the Mother and Child premiere in Los Angeles and New York. The premieres were characterized by high fashion and an array of A-list actors. Mother and Child comes to theatres on May 7 and is sure to generate large revenues, based on the star power it contains. Check out for video of this and other great Hollywood events, like The Joneses Premiere and more.

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Glide With the Latest Fashion Trend With Labrets, Monroes, and Lippy Loops

Do you want to dazzle onlookers with your beauty spot? Then you can get your upper lip pierced and wear Monroes.

The tradition of body piercing and wearing jewelries were prevalent among ancient people, thousands of years back but latest technology advancements and rapid development of information technology has made it possible for the fashion loving people to get numerous varieties of lustrous designs made from best quality materials available in the market. Even the designers and craftsman get the opportunity to design latest creation and launch their production, worldwide through Internet for the international customers.

Among different body piercing tradition, lip piercing has become very popular in recent times. The reason for such popularity lies with the film stars, celebrities, models, rock stars and numerous other sports stars, who wear Labrets, Monroes, and Lippy Loops to get cool looks. The boys and girls were also not far behind following them and started wearing these rings to get attraction, glide with latest fashion and style trend, show of independence and self-expression. As compared to other body piercing, Lip piercing also heals faster.

Labrets, Monroes, Lippy Loops

• Labret Rings are pierced just under the lower lip. Labret studs are also appropriate for tongue piercing. They have flat base from where a stem protrudes, which may be threaded or plain and other end of stem has removable internally threaded ball or plain stud, which can be replaced with varieties other balls and studs.

• Monroes are basically worn on the off side of the upper lip to resemble beauty spot. This ring is very popular among women to show their femininity and augment facial beauty.

Lip Loops
• Lip Loops are similar to chin labrets and used for lip piercing. These rings has flat base that sets with the skin and comes up around the lip and hang. They can also be used for ear piercing.

Labrets, Monroes, Lippy Loops are made from best quality materials, such as Titanium, Titanium Anodized, solid gold, Acrylic UV, Bio Flex & PTFE, surgical steel and, studded and designed with spikes, jeweled, gems, unique styles, logo, words, signs and various other attractive designs to give it enchanting, eye-catching and gorgeous looks.

These Lip piercing ring jewelries are easily available with online stores and buyer can purchase them sitting at the comfort of home. Only accessories they require for their buying is online connection and a PC for browsing the sites, selling lip rings. The designs, types, styles and collections with online stores are also exceptional, as they have to maintain their rich stock for international customer base.

The customer can find their choicest Labrets, Monroes, Lippy Loops [] at Belly button Rings [], which can make people envy of their body adornment possessions.

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Barbie, A Fashion Fairytale

My daughter adores Barbie films. It all started when we first watched Barbie Princess and the Pauper, I’m not sure why we first got the film, but I know that after the first viewing she was hooked. We watched that film what seemed like everyday. When Mattel asked if we would like to see the new film Barbie A Fashion Fairytale I knew that it was only going to be a matter of time before my daughter asked to watch it all the time.

This film is a little different from the other Barbie films. All the other Barbie films that have come before were films where Barbie was an actress. That make things more clear (to me apparently Top Ender already knew that Barbie was an actress) and actually made me love all the other Barbie films a little more! So my daughter and I started watching the film together and my son kept one eye on the TV whilst playing with his MegaBloks.

The film is about Barbie needing to get away after Ken dumps her and she doesn’t like the direction her latest film is taking. So Barnie jets off to Paris to see her Aunt, who happens to own a Fashion House. The Fashion House is going to be forced to be closed for not being, well fashionable enough. Barbie finds out that there are some Flairies who like to make beautiful things more beautiful by adding sparkle and glitter to them and so the scene is set for a sparkly happy ending.

We loved watching the first few minutes and seeing the different movie posters in the background of Barbie’s trailer and seeing which films we had on DVD! We watched the rest of the film and were really quite excited about the love story, the fashion and the music which were both undeniably funky. By the end of the film not only were my six year old daughter and I sitting on the sofa, but my two year old son was too!

There are a lot of Barbie toys out to go with the film, which I think is great. I feel that when toys tie in with the film it helps children start using their imagination to act out the film that they remember and of course to get a bit more creative and I do like creative children!

Why not come and

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Modest Formalwear – How You Can Make Your Formal Fashions Modest

For years I’ve heard ladies lament, “The formal styles are so immodest nowadays! I can’t find any prom dress for my daughter to wear!” Such was my opinion for years as well, but after careful thought on the subject, I have found several ways to make nearly any formal fashion suitable to wear. Yes, it may take a little work, but if you set your mind to it, you too can alter your wedding or prom dress to be beautifully modest!

The main problem I will address is the “strapless” style. This is by far the most common style in commercially produced wedding dresses at this time, but it need not hinder you from purchasing a gown you have your heart set on. There are a couple of options for how to deal with the strapless challenge.

To begin with, try on your dress to determine if the neckline is too low or if you only need something covering your shoulders. If the neckline is fine, congratulations! There are numerous ways to cover your shoulders in a very elegant manner. Perhaps the easiest solution is to purchase or make a bolero jacket or shrug that will cover the shoulders, back, and arms, but will not detract from the detailing of your gown’s front.

If you do not wish to wear a bolero jacket. you can use the following formula for adding wide cap sleeve straps to your dress if you feel up to the sewing challenge. While wearing your dress, measure from the top of your front neckline over your shoulder to the back neckline. Add about two inches to this measurement to determine the cap sleeve length. Next, measure from a few inches in on your shoulder to where you want the sleeve to end on your arm. Add one and one quarter inches to this measurement to find what the sleeve width will be. Now that you have these two numbers, you can cut your cap sleeves out of fabric of your choice (the pattern piece will look like a rectangle, and may be a size such as twelve by nine inches).

Cut two sleeves out of your fashion fabric, and two sleeves out of a lightweight lining fabric. Now put a lining sleeve and a fashion fabric sleeve with right sides together, and sew each of the longer sides with a five-eighths inch seam allowance. Repeat with remaining sleeve pieces. You should now have your two sleeves consisting of two pieces each. Press the seams, turn them right side out and iron flat. The hardest part is over! Simply gather up the two short ends of each of the sleeve edges and stitch using machine stitches over the gathering stitches to keep them in place. Finish the raw edges with a zigzag or overlock stitch. Pin the sleeves to the inside of your dress with about a one inch underlap, and stitch them in place by hand. You’re done!

These are only two of numerous ways to change today’s formal fashions, and with a little creativity you too can change your formal gown into a beautiful, modest creation!

Katrina Casey is a twenty-one year homeschool graduate who operates Edelweiss Patterns, a website-based business that offers patterns for Sound of Music costumes, solutions for making store-bought clothing modest, as well as wedding veils and accessories. An avid seamstress, Katrina has studied historical costume in England and has had her work featured by Martha Pullen, host of PBS show ‘Martha’s Sewing Room”. She resides in Oregon where she sews, creates patterns, and spends time with her family. Visit her website at

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Famous Fashion Photographers

Fashion photography has become a very sought after profession these days. It is an upcoming industry and offers limitless possibilities to amateurs and professionals alike. It is a very rewarding career for anyone who has a naturally bent of mind in photography. Listed below are a few famous fashion photographers who have managed to carve a niche for themselves in the industry:

Nigel Barker:
He is one of the most recognizable faces in the fashion photography industry. He took up modeling as a career for a decade before pursuing photography. He founded his own studio and saw his career move upwards ever since. He has worked with top celebrities in recent years. You would see him judging in numerous reality shows and beauty contests.

Helmut Newton:
This German photographer worked for a brief period with the Straits Times. He eventually took up fashion photography in Paris. His works were published as the cover for French Vogue. You will find his photographs displayed in the Museum of Photography, which is located near the Berlin Zoo.

Donald McPherson:
He is very famous in Europe. He worked as an assistant for several years before becoming a professional himself. He has captured images of Tom Cruise, Keira Knightly, Gwen Stefani amongst other famous actors. Some famous magazines like the Russian Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar have hired him for his amazing photography skills.

Albert Watson:
He is one of the most famous photographers in fashion industry. His famous works have been published in the Vogue, Newsweek, Rolling Stone and The Face. Revlon, Levi’s and Chanel are just a few famous brands that have hired him for his priceless talent.

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